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Cleveland Indians Appear Willing to Spend Money This Off Season

December 9th, 2012 at 5:34 PM
By Brett Gibson

After free agent outfielder Shane Victorino chose the Boston Red Sox over the Tribe, the Indians are still trying to figure out what their 2013 roster will look like. But the mere fact that the Indians made a similar offer to the Red Sox shows Tribe fans that they are not sitting on their wallets.

It was probably the best case scenario for Cleveland that Victorino went to Boston, as the Indians could use some added power to their lineup in the corner outfield positions.
And that is not Victorino's calling card.

Cleveland currently has offers on the table for both free agents Nick swisher, and Kevin Youkilis. Swisher would either be placed in left field, where the Indians have had a revolving door for the past several years, or could replace Shin-Soo choo in right field should Cleveland trade Choo.

Once the big free agents sign, the market for the rest of the free agents should fall into place.

Youkilis could land in Cleveland with his strong relationship with new Tribe Manager Terry Francona, who managed Youkilis back during their time together in Boston. If Youkilis does decide to sign with Cleveland, he would be plugged in at first base with some DH action as well.

While these may not be the players Tribe fans want, they are a big improvement to the roster, and legitimate big league players.  The reality is that the current Indians front office can not afford players like Josh Hamilton,so it is crucial that they found good value for free agents without over paying too much, or signing them for too many years.  Youkilis is coming off a career low season in almost every category, but should only be able to improve under Francona, who takes great pride in teaching his team.

I still expect the Tribe to be active in the trade market, but they need all the talent they can get.

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